A good website design will be a positive reflection of you, your company, and the products or services that you provide. Whether it is for personal or business use, your site really ought to express some personality and individuality. Savvy web surfers will sense a stock web template a mile away and they DO judge them to be amateurish. Don’t forget to appeal to your website’s users!

Most small business owners have an old tired web design if they have a website at all. The subject of web design never comes up for them. In fact, they often forget whether or not they have a website at all. Do you know why? Because people cannot find their website, and even if they do find it, they get an immediate negative impression of the person or business due to the obvious lack of attention to their most valuable marketing asset.There is a ton of research out there that shows trends in what people like and do not like when visiting a website. Get a handle on your information. You can easily overwhelm your prospects with words. No matter what you’re talking about, research shows that you care about what you’re saying more than they do.

Try using some of these tricks when blogging…

  • Use bullet points
  • Be concise
  • Tease with a short intro and use the ‘read more’ button
  • White space is nice space
  • Use short paragraphs with space in between

Consistency is the key to leaving a good impression with prospects. Take a look at this blog page right here. All articles are laid out the same, with a photo in the upper right corner and a brief introduction with a button to click for the full story. Exactly the same, every time…and doesn’t that make me seem professional?

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