Search Engine Optimization Victoria BC

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The SEO business has changed dramatically since Google started rolling out major algorithm updates in early 2012. Gone are the days of the early internet when simply having a website set you apart from your competition. Go to the site and play book of ra online kostenlos spielen at our casino. Enjoy youself and win! We then moved through a phase where your competition likely didn’t know much about meta tags and how to use them, so if you had a page title, description and a few headings set up you’d win!

The Good Old Days of SEO

Once these little tricks became widely known, SEO ‘experts’ sprang up offering monthly packages and doing brisk business. You see, for a few years the name of the game was back links. Google figured that the more popular your site was on the internet, the more links it would find to your site on the internet. As a result, your site would appear above all of your competitors for coveted key terms related to your business. However, as time wore on, Google realized that they were able to narrow the field further. With almost all small local businesses now having a website, they could see that while some were relying on their reputation and strong web content, others were having thousands of back links built on ‘content farms’. These sites existed purely to provide links to other sites from junky unreadable articles with no value beyond their temporary ability to boost another website’s Google ranking.

Panda, Penguin and Beyond

Beginning in early 2012, Google rolled out the first of many algorithm updates called ‘Panda’. This shook the SEO world to the core. They essentially ‘de-indexed’ a big chunk of the world wide web. All of those places that were easy to get back links, which inevitably attracted mass link builders, were no longer going to count as links to your website. This was the beginning of the end of the era of fast, cheap returns.

So, What Does Google Want From Me?

Google wants to return the best results possible for their customers. That is, people searching for a yoga studio, a naturopath, a fencing contractor etc. Google looks for a number of key indicators that you are the expert in your field. Some of these indicators include:

  • an active blog on your site
  • social engagement with your website
  • articles written by you on other authority sites in your field
  • an active Google + account
  • social engagement by you on other authority sites in your field

 “But I’m busy running my business, I don’t have time to do all of that!”

I know right? So that has become the job of the new generation of Search Engine Optimization specialist. It used to be only the big corporations could afford a team to write blog entries, market them, and do all of the other things necessary to get them to the top of the Google rankings.

I have developed a new and ever-evolving system that uses cutting edge technology and my relationships with dozens of bloggers in every imaginable niche in order to bring you strong, lasting and safe results. The clients that I have done SEO for for the past few years are all still my clients. For some there were some rocky months while we re-grouped, but today I have small and medium sized clients at or near the top of the Google rankings for dozens of search terms.

Call me today at 250.888.9925 for more information and to discuss your SEO goals.