I just  wanted to drop a quick note today. I’m about ready to launch the new Box 9 Design website and on top of everything else, I downloaded and installed the new operating system from Apple called OSX Mavericks. Like most ‘new’ operating systems, this seems to mostly be an update with a few new features.

The most noticable one is we now can have iBooks on our desktop computer. I love this, as obviously sometimes you want to read a book, manual, or pdf on your desktop. Makes perfect sense. Even though I mainly use Kindle – because I can upload books to my Amazon account and they appear on all of my devices and are synced across all devices. I haven’t looked into whether this feature is now available on iBooks, but I doubt it. Apple likes everything to be ‘behind the wall’. Meaning, if you do manage to download a book from, say, torrents, they don’t want you to be able to read it on iBooks. Only books purchased through Apple please!

However, my most favouritest new OSX feature is tabs in finder! Yaaaa! Let me say that again. You can now open multiple tabs in one Finder window. Hallelujah!  No more opening 3-5 different finder windows – one for each different aspect of a project you’re working on. How did I live without this until now?!