zeit-connect-mindbodyIt seems I’m becoming quite an expert in dealing with Mind Body Online and helping my clients to integrate their class schedules, sign up forms etc with their Box 9 Design website. First I heard from Laura and Pelle at Feel Good Yoga Victoria. This was my introduction to Mind Body Online. It is a great system for those with a yoga or fitness studio to manage their clients, classes, instructors and more.

I was asked to use HealCode to integrate all of their various classes and schedules into their website. It was pretty straight forward and I didn’t have much trouble customizing design elements and copy and pasting code in order to have a live update of the schedule appear on their yoga website.

Just a couple of weeks later, Cara Obee at Pura Vida Fitness asked me to do the same thing…with one exception. Apparently HealCode, the widget used for the integration of information, carries a monthly membership fee. Who doesn’t feel like they’re being dinged every month with ‘small fee’ upon small fee?

So Cara asked me to just have links on her site to the Mind Body Online site. Fair enough, but I hate to send traffic off of one of my client’s sites for any reason. I went into problem solving mode and came up with a free solution that does *almost* everything that HealCode does.

Welcome to ZeitConnect.com! This nifty little set of widgets will allow you to stream your schedule from MindBodyOnline.com and even put a sweet signup form anywhere on your site that you want. About the only thing it won’t do (with the free version) is to let you have a ‘Today’s Classes’ section on your front page.

HealCode will allow you to build a widget with only the current day’s classes listed. This is not possible with Zeit Connect. However, if you’re willing to pay a fee, you can offer your client’s a suite of mobile apps with Zeit Connect. Integrating your own brand to show your clients your daily or weekly schedule and allow them to sign up and pay for classes right on their hand-held devices like phones and tablets.

Whether you have a yoga or fitness studio or you are a web designer looking for a little advice and guidance and could benefit from my experience, please feel free to get in touch through my contact form.



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