iOS-NewsstandEvery once in a while I come across a problem or issue with technology that I have to work away at to find a solution. When I do, I like to share the resolution with others who I’m sure are searching for the same answers.

I have subscribed to a number of magazines on my iPad. I love it, it’s great reading, and I think a good bargain too. When downloading a magazine, either a single issue or a subscription, all magazines are stored in the ‘Newsstand’ application (which is really more of a folder used to hold periodicals).

Unlike iBooks, which allows you to read a book you’ve purchased on EITHER your iPad or iPhone, the Newsstand will not sync (most) magazines. WHY?

The answer lies in the nature of the magazines, which are actually apps, unlike a book, which is a book.

Open iTunes. In the top section of the left-hand sidebar you’ll select Apps. Here you’ll find a list of all the apps you’ve downloaded on all of your devices (since you last sync’d all your devices). You’ll notice that not all apps are designed for all devices…ahhhh yes now it’s dawning!

That’s right, I too forgot that my subscription to Vanity Fair was not to Vanity Fair Magazine, but to Vanity Fair the ‘iPad edition’. Which of course is designed specifically for the iPad and cannot be viewed on the iPhone.

This is why, when searching apps for ‘Vanity Fair’ on the iPhone you cannot even find the magazine to re-download. It wouldn’t be viewable on your phone even if you could find it.

I really wish that Reader’s Digest and the rest would publish an iPhone version, probably with text only. I often find myself in a doctor’s office or other line-up situation with my phone, but without my iPad and this would be an ideal situation for a quick magazine read.

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