campaign02Driving around the streets of Victoria today (I took my Nana to lunch) I couldn’t help but notice the clutter of political signs for Victoria City Council and the CRD Board. Campaigning for civic government is kind of fun because you get a lot less of the slick committee compromises. And a lot less professional graphic design too! It seems, at least from looking at the various candidates’ yard signs, that many of the candidates have designed their own signage! Have a look at the sign pictured here. It’s a sign for what I’ll call the ‘unknown’ candidate. The name is completely unreadable even from a few feet away (you’re looking at a cropped close-up)! And whoever it is has plastered hundreds or even thousands of them all over town! Dear unknown candidate, you may as well have put a classified in Monday Mag and called it a day.

One candidate has done it right..

This sign is clearly for a man named Ben Isitt. Isitt big, bold, and legible? Hell to the yes! This guy has apparently read the research which shows that for a political campaign your sign should look as much like the actual ballot as possible. See how the big felt marker check mark demonstrates for you what you should do next to his name in the polling booth? Good work Ben. Also note the strong association with the NDP with the orange-red background with black and white. This neighbourhood is staunchly NDP. Of course there is no civic NDP party…but hey the association is there and will probably work.

I don’t need to say very much about this one named Lisa Helps. Sure Ms. Helps’ sign is more legible than the completely illegible one at the top of the post but WAIT…is that her last name? Or does Lisa help? Like, help with shit. No. It’s capitalized so it must be her last name. But on the off chance she’s spent all that money to let us know that she’s willing to help with stuff here goes…Lisa, I need you to rake my leaves OK?

Hold on to your denim shirts and hair crimpers, I just discovered the mystery candidate’s identity! Here she is people! And she’s splashed out for the biggest sign of the election so far. What did she do with all of that extra cardboard real estate? Did she increase the size of her name? Say to 50% larger than the word vote? Or engage? Or for? Not this maverick. No, she used that space to grace my neighbourhood with her incomparable beauty. Dear denim shirt lady, maybe Lisa can Help.

Or maybe a professional graphic designer could have helped the whole lot of you! Really I’m not expensive.