search-engine-rankingGoogle likes nothing more than seeing new content on your website. Correction: there is one thing they like more…tons of people, websites and blogs linking back to that new content on your website. This is the new reality people! You don’t have to love it, but you have to do it. Your blog entries need not be lengthy or earth shattering, but if you want to rank higher, you have to post new content twice a week on a regular basis. Take this blog post for instance. I’m working on my rank for the term SEO Victoria, so I write new articles which always use that term somewhere. If you cannot bring yourself to write a short article twice per week I will write them for you – for a small fee of course!

Now for that second part…why would dozens and even hundreds of people link back to your content? Even assuming you wrote something informative, funny, and wildly original, what would make the blogosphere blow up with social bookmarks and mentions of your company and it’s great blog? The answer is The Rank Rocket. My new system creates all that buzz for you and has proven to boost your search engine ranking. Check out The Rank Rocket details on my SEO page and then call me at 250-888-9925 to discuss your SEO needs.

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